Friday, January 4, 2008


Life is an amazing thing. Sure, you may think you realize something but deep down you may not really know if that's real. But recently I have come to discover my realization of what I really want and how I really feel. I've realized that I may never be a certain way, and that's okay with me. There is an amazing feeling that comes with someone "getting you" and I would never change that for a circumstance where I am momentarily applauded for a decision or action. Perhaps I need a moment of selfishness that for once doesn't include putting everyone elses happiness before my own. I know that I am extremely far from perfect and that's okay with me as well. And last but not least I have come to realize that I have approached the point of being more grounded, determined, and stable. There is a lot that I no longer need in life and so much that I am wanting to gain in my quest to find myself. I suppose I am ready for the journey ahead and keeping a few promises along the way...

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