Friday, January 4, 2008

Lip Service

So today I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon. We arrived at around for my 2:30 appointment and the receptionist said "the doctor was unable to come today didn't you get a call from us?" Needless to say we didn't or we would not have been there. She said that a P.A. would see us though and to have a seat. This made me very cranky, I was looking forward to seeing the plastic surgeon for a consult and now I was going to have to see a P.A. who most likely would not be able to tell me anything I needed to know. After waiting over an hour and a half, I was finally seen. A doctor walked in who looked like Doogie Howser minus the perm. Essentially he replaced the perm with rudeness so I guess he thought it was a good trade-off! He didn't realy seem to know what he was supposed to ask or do so I was frustrated. He said "I suppose we could take some of the stitches off, is that what you were here to do?" I was thinking "You tell me dumb ass how am I supposed to know what you are supposed to do." So they took off some of the external stitches and said that the internal ones are made to dissolve in a few weeks since taking them out would be both too early and excrutiatingly painful. Actually taking the external ones out was very very painful due to the location and injury but I was just glad to get it over with. He said that it would be months before any cosmetic surgery could be discussed because my lip has a very long healing process ahead. All in all not a productive appoinment but I figure at least I have the external stitches out and don't have to deal with U.K. hospital for a while. Actually, I am thinking about, when the time comes, having a consult with a plastic surgeon from St. Joseph's hospital. Until then, I have a long way to go but great friends (all the well wishes and calls I have gotten prove that) and I appreciate you all and thank you for all your kind words!

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