Friday, January 4, 2008

Misguided Priorities

I was watching Bill Orielly this evening and was taken aback by his opening commentary. He was talking about each candidate and when he came to John Edwards, he said "and John edwards still talks like a loon". He then showed a clip of John Edwards saying "every night in america, elderly war veterans are sleeping under bridges and we need to do something about this". Then Orielly came back on, with a visible sneer, and said "see folks, democrats don't want to talk about illegal immigration, instead they talk about this stuff". I wanted to scream at the television!!!!!! Here is this pompous ass deriding the fact that Edwards is calling attention to the number of homeless veterans in our country (estimates put the number as high as 20,000 homeless war veterans) and Orielly thinks this message is misguided? It is conservatives like Bill Orielly that give good, well meaning conservatives a bad name. I am not saying this simply because I am a liberal, I am saying this because it is an undeniable fact that certain elements of the republican party need to focus their energy on issues like homelessness, poverty, etc. Unfortunately, they accuse the democratic party of being "weak" because we put such a high priority on these issues. If that's the definition of weak, then I am a proud weakling.

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